Friday, November 11, 2011

Al A'elat Restaurant

On one of the first nights here I went in search of food and Abed, the owner/manager of Al A'elat Restaurant ("Family Restaurant") was particularly friendly and immediately agreed to speak only Arabic to me to help my learning, even though he speaks perfect English (and French). Seeing how slow business typically is in the Old City I privately committed to frequent this one restaurant as a means of making a contribution, at least to one family. Grilled chicken and rice, with a varying coupling of salads has become the staple. Most often I am the only client there, but it was pleasing to see the restaurant full once during this holiday week.

(As you enter Damascus Gate and come to the fork, take the right leg (Khan Elzait Str) and you'll find the restaurant up on the left just before getting to the Via Dolorosa. Number 77)

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